St. Helena Odds and Ends

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The panel below (right)  includes a video of our 'sister' church. You must be patient if you wish to see  it as it will take several minutes to load after you click the triangular icon to begin. Have the sound on. Enjoy!

St. Helena Church,  Blue Bell, PA

For those who are not familiar with the relationship between the two St. Helena parishes, details can be provided by one of 'our' senior parishioners -- primary consideration being that the 'other' parish greatly helped with the construction of the original Clayton church on Warwoman Ave. That was recognized by giving the church in Clayton the same name as the one in Blue Bell PA. The plaque installed at the entry of the old church acknowledging the gift, is now at the 'new' church.

For those who may be unable to attend Sunday Mass but have access to the internet, they can watch the St. Helena Church Mass that will be shown at the web site indicated in the article adjoining. Just follow the directions shown.

NOTE: this is NOT Clayton St. Helena, but our sister church in Blue Bell, PA. The picture is of Msgr. Nicolo, its pastor, who was a con-celebrant visitor at the installation mass of Pastor Pedro Poloche, had previously con-celebrated at the dedications of both the new St. Helena Church and Family Life Center.

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